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Олег Газманов - Squadron текст песни

Песню исполняет: Олег Газманов

Squadron of my playful thoughts

It knows no fence, no barrier

I can’t hold back those valiant racers

Let them fly, let them fly

My thoughts, my racers

There’s no need to heel you

You’re going at a breakneck speed

And you care not for bridle.


My thoughts, my racers

Such as sparks will light up this night

Squadron of my playful thoughts

Outruns the madness of drunken winds.

No one can hold me back

My thoughts will take me far away

Maybe I will not come back

With no regret, no regret

Oh, my fleeting thoughts

Such as years you’re passing by

From dawn to dusk, from dusk and through the night

You’re rushing away.

Олег Газманов - Squadron текст песни


Олег Газманов - Squadron текст песни

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